Good news! Sisters, have you ever thought about traveling abroad?

141 creates a new working holiday mode tailored for you. No matter which country you go to, you can upload ads for free.

You can not only enjoy the travel life, but also earn air ticket subsidies, killing two birds with one stone. Contact our customer service staff immediately!!

Latest notification

Individuals/companies/groups are welcome to participate and self-service uploading of advertising content (Completely free)

Telegram: @hanson141(Taiwan region) / @Pam108369

Office hours:

Monday to Friday 11AM - 7PM (UTC+8)

Saturday 11AM - 5PM (UTC+8)

Sunday off

Ad Requirements

(1) AV self-introduction video (Put on makeup first and then take a selfie, the effect will be better)

(2) 4 ~ 6 photos of life

(3) Keep the information content updated (to prove that you are still working)

If there is no update within 28 days, the advertisement will be automatically offline.

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